The Yalecrest Neighborhood Council (YNC), is a Utah neighborhood non profit serving the area connecting to: NORTH -Sunnyside Avenue, EAST -1900 East,  SOUTH -1300 South and WEST-1300 East.

To support its mission, The YNC includes education, advocacy and events to help create and promote a unique Yalecrest geographic identity and to grow positive neighborhood relationships. Through general participation and committee work, YNC members are able to identify issues and areas of interest that impact and influence life in the Yalecrest Neighborhood.

The purpose of the Yalecrest Neighborhood Council is to:

  • Promote a positive cultural and physical environment that aids community members in creating a meaningful geographic identity
  • Encourage neighborhly relationships among its members
  • Pursue other objectives that are beneficial to residents of the Yalecrest Neighborhood
  • The YNC achieves its mission through education, advocacy and events

SAVE THE DATE: Evening Meeting.  Wednesday – March 07, 2018

Recent Meeting Topics

February 07, 2018

6:20 – 7:00 p.m. Salt Lake City East High School – Visioning, Planning and Design in the Coming Years

Presenters Greg Maughan, Principal Salt Lake City High School East. Paul Shulte, Director of Facilities Services, Salt Lake City School District. (* Due to a conflict, Greg was not able to attend and asks to be rescheduled for a future YNC meeting)

Salt Lake City High School EAST Facts:

  • Since its cornerstone was first set on September 14, 1912, Salt Lake City High School East has been an important public school asset for Yalecrest Neighborhood residents and Salt Lake City as a whole
  • Current East High physical facilities street boundaries: North-Sunnyside Avenue, East – 1400 East, South-900 South, West -1100 East
  • Salt Lake City High School East 2016 fall enrollment included 1,924 students of the districts 24,706 total student population
  • With over 42 first languages spoken by students, those attending East help expand cultural understanding and opportunity in our neighborhood

7:00 pm Yalecrest Yard Sale Day – Jennie Lloyd

7:20 pm 501(c)3 update, Loree Hagen

7:30 pm Parks and Environment Report, Jim Webster and Lynn Pershing


Carmen B. Pingree School


700 South 1600 East PCE Plume Super Fund Site

Growing Salt Lake: A Five Year Housing Plan 2017-2021
The plan is intended to establish Salt Lake City as a place where a growing, diverse population can find housing opportunities that are safe, secure, and enrich lives and communities.
This Plan will help address the root causes of affordability, create long-term solutions for increasing needed housing supply, and expand opportunities throughout the City. Please let the City know what you think about the goals, objectives, and solutions outlined in the Plan.

Foothill Drive Implementation Strategy
The Foothill Drive Implementation Strategy will identify ways address traffic congestion, improve neighborhood connections, enhance safety, and provide transportation options.

This project is a partnership among Salt Lake City, UDOT, UTA, Salt Lake County, University of Utah, and Wasatch Front Regional Council.